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2015-09-27 13:46:59 by Awe2K

Hi, guys, now I met some kind of question almost everyone of you've met. Yes, I can't decide with software DAW.

I've tried Ableton Live 9, FL 11/12, Cubase 8. Fruity Loops are pretty easy to me, and I know it well now. But I found Ableton and Cubase erm... a bit complicated.

And so, which one should I pick for better experience?

P.S. I have no hardware instruments. Yes, only pc keyboard.


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2015-09-27 19:33:57

It depends what you're going for. If you aim to make a lot of beats, or get loads of songs off the assembly line in a short space of time, I suggest using AIR Ignite. It's what I use. The better you get at figuring out how songs work, the more is reflected in your work on such a DAW. Plus it has a very simple interface so you'll find your way around it pretty quickly.

Awe2K responds:

Yeah, I'm making some techno or whatever, you know. So, I don't use lots of complicated beats, just a couple of simple ones per song. Now I'm using FL12 for creating scores, mastering, etc. (now going to try AIR Ignite, as you suggested).