2015-10-04 05:32:31 by Awe2K

Hi guys. Now I have made some tracks and they have around 300 views (Not so many).  So, I'm just wondering how can I get musician status or something like that. I've seen some people even with one track and they are musicians already. What does "musician" status depend on?


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2015-10-04 06:02:19

Hey Awe2k, you can get your musician state on your Account settings.
Go to "Profile Information" and on the "Aura" box select musician and you are all set (º - º ) b

(Updated ) Awe2K responds:

Thanks, didn't know it was so easy :)


2015-10-04 08:46:39

You're a natural burn musician. :P

Awe2K responds: