Entry #5


2015-10-15 14:24:59 by Awe2K

Hi everyone, and I'm again asking for your opinion.

So, does combining some of your songs in album make any sense, or what are reasons to do so?


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2015-10-15 15:15:47

As in combining songs into one (so two songs into one) on an album, or do you mean combine all songs as one giant song?

Overall, an album is a collection of songs. The actual song count on the album doesn't make much of a difference. I'd suggest that the MOVEMENTS make up the orchestration of the song, so if you combined two songs that are purely movements into eachother, that's one thing.

Awe2K responds:

I meant to take all these songs and put them on an album, or collection. Songs (maybe) can be different in style/genre.


2015-10-15 15:37:42

Well, personally, it's up to you as the artist. The thing of it is, if you have an assortment of music that doesn't completely cover a genre, it might be better to release them as "Singles," as they will fare better as single albums on their own. However, if you flow the album correctly on the album and the track listing is between 20 to 30 minutes, you have an EP. A studio album is typically an LP length. Some tracks might not actually belong on an album whatsoever.

Remember that whatever it is you're putting on that album, you're saying to the world, "this is the best I can put out, this album has a message and a feel to it, and I want you to vibe with it." So if the album doesn't seem like it vibes 100%, it's probably better off as the suggestions I mentioned.


2015-10-15 15:39:29

Oh, and some artists have basically submitted multiple styles on the same album (IE, Styles of Beyond (vocal + rap, spoken word + classical), Mr. Bungle (everything from fringe rock to jazz to metal), even Them Crooked Vultures (twisting between grunge, hard rock, and progressive rock).