2015-10-15 14:24:59 by Awe2K

Hi everyone, and I'm again asking for your opinion.

So, does combining some of your songs in album make any sense, or what are reasons to do so?


2015-10-04 05:32:31 by Awe2K

Hi guys. Now I have made some tracks and they have around 300 views (Not so many).  So, I'm just wondering how can I get musician status or something like that. I've seen some people even with one track and they are musicians already. What does "musician" status depend on?

What's up?

2015-09-27 13:46:59 by Awe2K

Hi, guys, now I met some kind of question almost everyone of you've met. Yes, I can't decide with software DAW.

I've tried Ableton Live 9, FL 11/12, Cubase 8. Fruity Loops are pretty easy to me, and I know it well now. But I found Ableton and Cubase erm... a bit complicated.

And so, which one should I pick for better experience?

P.S. I have no hardware instruments. Yes, only pc keyboard.

FL Studio 12?

2015-09-10 11:07:14 by Awe2K

Now I moved from Fruity 11 to 12, and it's very cool (except I couldn't find plugins for a while). XD

Welcome me to this awsum site))

2015-08-30 12:11:51 by Awe2K

Oh, I have nothing to write here, sorry :(.